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1. All production works are copyright Radiojingles Ltd

2. All production works are licensed for a period of one year per Public Broadcast Station, unless otherwise stated.

3. Radiojingles Ltd does not permit production buy-outs of jingles or other works.

4. All music supplied will be of our own published works or non MCPS works unless otherwise requested.

5. Jingles supplied by Radiojingles Ltd will have all “inserts & drop-ins” exclusively produced by Radiojingles Ltd at the rates quoted on our rate sheet.

6. License periods will be considered to commence from the original supply and or transmission from our studios of the production works.

7. Radiojingles copyright productions must not be tampered with, altered or used by any other production companies.

8. Radiojingles productions must not be sent to other companies or broadcast stations without written permission.

9. Productions that are broadcast without obtaining a license will render the original purchaser liable for the full production costs.

10 Payment terms are strictly 50% of estimated production costs prior to commencement of production and remainder payable prior to supply.

11. Other terms and conditions apply and are within our Company Service Charter located in our main office.

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