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Radiojingles Online

We specialise in radio advertising jingles, sonic idents and creative voiced commercial production for radio stations all over the UK.

We are a Torquay based Jingle and Commercial Production Company. We produce custom sung Jingles for advertisers and radio stations. Our professionally voiced advertisements are crafted and put together in one of our five studios.

Our pool of professional Voice Talents are at the top of their profession and offer a wide variety of voice styles. We use some of the most creative musicians in the U.K. Radio Jingles recently moved to bigger and better premises (Five custom built studios) with new technology, more talented people at your service, new ideas and a new telephone number: 01803 322699

Radio Jingles are proud to say that every two minutes of every day one of our productions is being broadcast somewhere on UK Radio and on average we produce just over 200 radio commercials every month for many radio stations across the UK.

We know how important it is for your listeners to stay tuned.

At Radio Jingles we love what we do and take pride in every script, every jingle and every advertising production. We work with hundreds of the top voiceover artists in the UK to ensure that all our productions sound fresh and distinctive. Our experienced music producers create jingles to remember and we’re proud to say that one of our commercials is played somewhere in the UK every two minutes. Whether you need a bespoke jingle, a multi-voice script, new characters, straight reads, commercials with gravitas, quirky ideas, comedy ads, brand idents, or simply a new take on an existing campaign, we can deliver. Our team can turn scripts around and produce commercials at the drop of a hat, so you can be confident of hitting your deadlines as well as your targets.

What we offer to businesses

To be a better and more competitive marketer in today’s busy world, it is imperative that your radio commercial is heard. Advertising commercials create a unique sensory identification of your product inside your customer’s head. The right radio commercial can capture potential customers’ attention with each play.

Radiojingles has many years of broadcast experience, and a deep talent pool of creative writers and producers. Let our commercial production aid you in creating a catchy and powerful Audio Ident for your company. Let us create your musical logo and audio branding for promoting your products and services.

We offer direct liaison with business customers to produce a broadcastable advertisement that is creative and memorable. In our commercial production we provide Quality of Vocals, Quality of Music, Lyric Memorability, Quality Composition, and Demographic Relatability.

When you have a product or service to sell and only have a minute or less airtime, then we use music and advertising lyrics to set the stage, because nothing can instantly grab attention and then stick in the customer’s memory like a great commercial production.We enable “Hooking” your audience with music and lyrics that are custom created for maximum impact around your core-marketing message. We help you discover your special ingredient or USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that separates you from the pack then we spice it up and serve it in a way listeners will not forget.

True success is predicated on merging great musicianship with adverting know-how, and that’s exactly why we are the jingle company you want and need. Radiojingles will produce for you a production that provides a short repetitive rhyme scheme, simple tune and a message that’s on brand and will deliver quality impressions like almost nothing else can.

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