Media Samples

Bespoke Jingles, Specialist Jingles, Jingles for Radio broadcast, Jingles for Television and Jingles for Webvertising is what we do best.

Make your products or services sell with a jingle especially made with your Company in mind.

Jingle production or branding identity.

What better way to get your company known.

A sung slogan with your company name can last for decades and could really make you famous.

Whether its cheesy or corporate, we will make it memorable.

Radiojingles Ltd can script and produce voiced commercials based on your company’s ideas and products. We have inhouse professional script-writers that can put your marketing brief into a creative broadcastable format, that will make your sales staff very happy with the extra business generated.

Our team of professional scriptwriters know how to win the attention of a customer with optimal use of tag lines and key words

Radiojingles scriptwriters have an acute sense of timing & keyword emphasis that promotes your product or service in a way that is clearly understood